There Is A Place For You In Consider This Community Theater

Consider This is always in need of volunteers who want to be a part of a community theater, either as an actor, front room personnel or behind the scenes workers. There is a place for most everyone interested in being involved in our organization. The following list of positions will give you an idea of the ongoing volunteer opportunities. If you see something that interests you, send an email with your name, contact info and the position that you are interested in to:

Performance Volunteers


Find your place on our stage! Actors learn staging, memorize lines, develop characters and work as an ensemble. Audition notices are emailed to those individuals on the volunteer mailing list. Those auditioning will be asked to read a scene from the script. For musicals, participants need to perform a short prepared song and take part in a dance audition as well.

Assistant Director/Stage Managers
These positions are responsible for the smooth running of the production, from auditions to the last performance and strike. Duties include organizing rehearsals with the director, noting the blocking of actors, setting up the stage for rehearsals, and backstage management of all performances. The stage manager is often the first one in the building and the last one to leave. These are critical and demanding volunteer roles.

Running Crew/Dressers
The Running Crew consists of volunteers who execute all of the backstage changes during a production. Running Crew volunteers work each night of a production; however, sometimes people can split the run of a show. The Running Crew is supervised by the Stage Manager and works closely with the actors. Some crew may be assigned to oversee the costumes during a performance run. They may help with quick changes or emergency repairs.

Spotlight Operator
These volunteers operate the spotlight from the booth facing the stage. Spotlights are frequently used in musicals, so precision and good timing are necessary!

Light Board Operator
The Board Operator works the computer board in the light booth that controls all light in the theater. The Operator follows the script and moves per-programmed controls. This person works closely with the lighting designer, director and stage manager. Training is available.

Sound Board Operator
The sound is controlled from the sound booth facing the stage. The Sound Operator is responsible for all the recorded or live effects that occur during a production. The operation of wireless microphones is occasionally included. The sound operator adjusts all the sound levels to ensure effective operation and patron comfort. Training is available.

Make-up/Hair Crew
For some shows actors need help with special make-ups. Period hair styles and wigs are often used and help is needed to achieve the right look.

Front Lobby Volunteers


Box Office Volunteers
These volunteers sell tickets, gift cards, and distribute pre-paid tickets and Season tickets at the Box Office for each performance. Good people skills are a must and training is provided for all activities.

Lead Ushers
Lead Ushers are responsible for the safety and security of the audience. This person supervises the ushers and offers general information to patrons. A smile, neat appearance and helpful attitude are a must for this people-oriented task.

Ushers, who are supervised by the Lead Usher greet and escort patrons to their seats. They hand out programs and answer general questions regarding the theater. As with the Lead Usher a smile, neat appearance and helpful attitude are a must.

These volunteers sell cookies, sodas and snacks before the show and during intermission.

Scene/Set Volunteers


Set Construction
If you like to tinker with projects or work with your hands, this position is for you! These volunteers help build, cover and repair the scenery. Set construction encompasses a wide variety of construction techniques and materials. Projects depend on the degree of experience of the volunteer. Most projects are accomplished in teams and there is lots of room for on the job training.

Scene Painting
Try something new! Many painting techniques in the theater are easy to learn. You can learn to paint scenery to look like brick, stone, marble, plaster, stucco, foliage, wallpaper or a variety of wood grains. You can master such techniques as spattering, sponging, rag rolling and dry brushing.

Properties Coordinator
Properties, or “props”, are all of the small pieces on the set or carried on by actors in a production such as books, housewares and food. The properties coordinator collects or constructs props during a show’s rehearsal period and attends Tech Week rehearsals to make sure all the props are ready for the performance run.

Costume Management


Costume Shop Organizers
Love clothes? Love to organize? These volunteers try to bring order to the chaos. Consider This receives lots of donations of clothing, jewelry and hats. These volunteers sort jewelry, box hats and size and hang clothing on and on-going basis.

Costume Construction
Volunteers should have a basic knowledge of sewing skills. Sewing tasks range from sewing buttons, hems and trim to the construction of a garment.

If you would like to get more information about any of these positions or if you are ready to sign up for a position, please contact us by email at and let us know what you are interested in doing.

Scene from “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown” (2009)

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